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Hi , 

I am Gaurav, a open-source web developer. If you are looking for youtube subtitle downloader , congratulation! your search ends here. 

I found it useful to share this tool with you. While working on a project I found it very difficult to download subtitles as a separte file. No such online solutions was there, So this gave me the motivation to build this solution. 

Youtube Subtitle Downloader:  

By using this tool you can download any youtube video’s caption or subtitle as a seperate file, ofcourse there should be subtitle added on that given youtube video .

How It Works : 

  1. Open the youtube subtitle downloader 
  2. In a seperate tab open youtube video and copy the youtube ID from url. (Youtube Video should have subtitle added and enabled)
  3. Paste the copied video in demo link . 

You are good to go , youtube captions should be downloaded as a seperate file.

You can view, edit or use it however you want .

On the technichal side this tool uses PHP and python library on backend . You will need a dedicated server or VPS to run this script. 

Prerequisite To Run This Script :

  1. Dedicated Server or VPS
  2. Python3 
  3. PHP7 
  4. Basic knowledge of PHP and python running enviornment.

Demo : 


We are selling this solution as code. You can purchase the script from us and use it however you want. Purchase this script at 40$.

Feel free to contact me if you need any help. 

If you found this solution usefull , please share it. 

You can donate us , it motivate me to keep this website running.



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